Innocent adults and children are severely injured, and many times killed, due to involvement in bike accidents every year. In many cases of bicycle accidents, negligent drivers are a major factor. If a driver makes a turn, pulls out of a driveway, or opens a car door without being observant of their surroundings they are putting bike riders in danger. Due to the lack or protection that bicycles provide, injuries sustained to bicyclists may be fatal. If you or a loved one has suffered serious injuries in a bike accident in California, please contact an experienced Los Angeles bike injury attorney at Cohen & Marzban Law Corporation.

Recent bike accident statistics:

1 out of every 8 cyclists with reported accident injuries has a brain injury.

Close to 800 bicyclists died on US roads in 2005.

Approximately 540,000 bicyclists visit emergency rooms with injuries annually.

It can be very frightening to be a bicyclists involved in an accident with a motor vehicle. The injuries that a bike accident victim may sustain can be extremely painful, and in some cases, may result in life long disabilities. Below are just a few injuries that may occur:

Head or brain injury
Broken bones
Spinal cord injury

With skilled representation, you can file a bicycle accident claim against the negligent party, and you may be able to recover the maximum monetary compensation for your injuries. At Cohen & Marzban Law Corporation, our California bicycle accident lawyers have decades of experience, and will investigate all aspects of your accident to determine who was at fault. We provide all of our clients with quality legal representation and keep them informed about all phases of their case.

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