The Los Angeles California construction site accident lawyers at Cohen & Marzban Law Corporation have knowledge and skill in all areas of personal injury and construction accident laws. Our firm has decades of experience successfully representing clients who have suffered from serious injuries, and we are prepared to represent clients who have been the victims of construction site injuries. Contact Cohen & Marzban Law Corporation today for a free case evaluation.

Construction site accidents occur at an alarming rate and may cause a variety of serious injuries depending upon the type and severity of the accident. Whether you have been involved in a nail gun accident, defective machinery accident, crane accident, compressed gas accident, scaffolding accident, elevator accident, or any other type of construction accident, you may have suffered serious injuries. Some common construction injuries include:

Spinal cord injury




Crushed limbs

Burns and scarring

Brain injury

Eye injury

If you have suffered from any of the above mentioned injuries, or any other construction related injury please contact a skilled Los Angeles construction accident attorney at Cohen & Marzban Law Corporation to discuss your case with a dedicated professional.

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