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In the recent past, millions of tires which have been manufactured by various companies have been recalled due to hazardous defects, including tire tread separation. Tread separation takes place when the tread separates from the tire as the result of a defect in design or manufacturing. If you or a loved one has suffered serious injuries as the result of a tire defect, please contact a tire failure attorney at Cohen & Marzban Law Corporation.

Tire recalls throughout the United States have been very extensive and have affected people in numerous states. Many of the accidents which have occurred due to tire failure have been severe, and have resulted in serious physical injuries, devastating catastrophic injuries, and fatalities.

There are a few situations in which a defective tire may have tread separation, such as when the tire is inadequately inflated or it has heavy wear and tear. New tires may even be at risk for tread separation when they are properly inflated and have normal wear and tear. Even driving under typical circumstances may result in a serious accident if you are driving on faulty tires.

Many of these defective tire accidents could have been prevented if the manufacturers of these faulty products had not used cheap or flawed materials in the production of the tires. By trying to save money certain tire companies have placed their own profits ahead of the safety of innocent consumers. As an injured consumer, you should contact BCohen & Marzban Law Corporation immediately and discuss your tire failure case with one of our experienced California defective tire lawyers. We may be able to recover for you the maximum monetary compensation for your injuries and injury related costs.

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