A trip and fall usually is associated with any item that is out of place that causes someone to trip. It can also mean a poorly maintained walkway that has an unexpected rise or step that should not be there, or where inadequate warning was provided of the same.

Both slips and trips are usually caused by negligence of the property owner. Injuries such as torn muscles and ligaments are common, even if the victim does not actually fall. A physician should examine such injuries to determine their severity.

Our Los Angeles  trip and fall attorneys can help you through the legal process. Slip and fall accidents usually involve an incident in a public place where a consumer slips on a wet floor and falls. Public office buildings, stores, and other retail establishments are required to maintain the surface of the floors and entryways of their buildings. Grocery stores have strict regulations on how to handle wet spills in shopping aisles and wet surfaces in their entryways due to rain. Consequently, if you are in any public building and experience an injury from slipping you need to call an experienced Los Angeles slip and fall accident attorney. Falls caused by slips and trips can be quite severe. Debilitating head injuries are common. If you or a family member sustain injuries from a slip, trip, or fall, contact a trip and fall accident attorney for help immediately.

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