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We’ve recovered over a billion dollars in cash settlements and judgments for our clients! The following list gives just a few examples of some of our cases; these are by no means the largest of our recoveries. These case studies are here to provide you with an idea of what we are capable of winning.

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Some of our past results:

Result: $15,000,000

Our client was driving on the freeway when an armored car went out of control and landed on him. The armored car company negligently entrusted the vehicle to the unskilled driver who caused the accident. Our client sustained brain damage.

Result: $4,400,000

Our client was in a post office located in a strip mall when a vehicle jumped the curb, went through the window, and injured his leg. The concrete parking stops were not properly aligned, and this allowed the car to jump the curb.

Result: $4,300,000

Our client lost both arms while feeding branches into a tree chipper. The manufacturer was responsible for the injury because it had failed to put a safety shut-off device on its machine.

Result: $4,300,000

Our client was a passenger in an auto that rolled over because its driver was intoxicated. The client was rendered paraplegic.

Result: $1,500,000

Our client was injured when she was entering a department store and the wind blew the door shut on her. The store was responsible because the automatic closing device on the door was not correctly installed. Our client had back surgery for injuries suffered in the accident.

Result: $1,250,000

A teenage girl was a passenger in a car that overturned. She suffered facial injuries and severe psychiatric trauma.

Result: $1,100,000

A punch press malfunction caused our client to lose the use of his left hand. The design of the machine was found to be defective, making the manufacturer liable for the injury.

Result: $1,000,000

An employee driving a company car veered over the highway’s center line and crashed into our client’s vehicle. Our client sustained a concussion and brain damage resulting in memory loss.

Result: $825,000

Our client suffered a lower back injury when he became entangled in a defectively designed conveyor system that did not have an appropriate safety device.

Result: $743,000

A six-year-old girl’s leg was fractured when her shoelace caught on a Tug’n Turn in a fast food restaurant. The restaurant was found responsible for her injuries because it failed to install a safety device on the ride.

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