Los Angeles Bicycle Accident Attorney

You are a responsible person. The reason you ride your bicycle is that it helps you to stay healthy and it saves money over buying gas. You also like that you aren’t adding to air pollution. You obey traffic signals, always wear a helmet, and ride defensively. Your reward shouldn’t be a bicycle accident caused by an irresponsible or careless driver; but it happens.

Any match up between a car, truck, or bus and you on your bicycle, is an unfair fight. Bicycle accidents often result in serious injuries; and when you seek for damages from the driver, you will find that your fight has just begun. The insurance companies representing drivers will attempt to minimize your injuries and then, adding insult to your situation, will try to show you were to blame for the accident.


Holding the Negligent Party Responsible


If you have been in a bicycle accident, you need someone in your corner that has the experience necessary to investigate and prove the negligence of the responsible party. An experienced bicycle accident attorney will also know what your injuries, loss of mobility, and pain and suffering are worth. The seemingly fair initial offer from the insurance company will not take into sufficient consideration future medical complications or other losses you will face.

The attorneys at Cohen & Marzban Law Corporation know the costs of restoring health to body and limb and perhaps more importantly, they know the value of losses our clients endure that no amount of money could replace. Cohen & Marzban Law Corporation lives up to its name with every case. Your bicycle accident is no different.

We seek for the maximum compensation possible for you because it is the most effective way we can show our concern and empathy for you and your future.