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Any dog bite is not the fault of the dog; it is just being a dog. It is the fault of the owner. If you are an adult, odds are you may be nursing a bite to your leg or arm. Dogs generally go for the appendages on an adult. Depending on the breed, such bites can still be serious.

However, when child is the victim, dogs tend to go for the head or neck. Instinctively they are going for the kill; the statistics show that 79% of all fatal dog attacks involve children.

Cohen & Marzban Law is an experienced dog-bite law firm. We know how to win the settlement you need and deserve from your dog bite.

Dog bites are a serious social issue

In the US, 4.7 million dog bites occur annually with nearly a million of those bites requiring medical attention. Insurance companies pay out more than $1 billion annually to compensate dog bite victims. There are states in the US that actually allow dogs “one free bite.” California is no longer one of those states.

When a dog owner doesn’t take proper precautions with their dog or simply forgets that their dog is an animal of instinct and allows it to mingle with humans they are taking a chance with your life. California holds these people liable for the actions of their animal. Under California dog-bite laws, you are entitled to compensation for your injuries and losses, including pain and suffering. What you should do?

Dog bite incidents can be complicated.

Owners may see their dog as their child. They won’t always be cooperative, in light of the consequences for their dog. However, here are the basic steps you should follow.

1. Identify the dog and the owner. If the dog bites you and then runs away, try to remember anything about the dog that would help you identify it later or describe it to another person. (It may be a stray)

2. Seek medical attention. Anytime skin is broken, you become susceptible to infection. Rabies also has to be ruled out.

3. Report the dog bite to the proper authorities. Report to the bite to your local health department to rule out rabies. Also, report the incident to the police.

4. Gather information from the owner about the dog, including history of other bites and dog license information. Don’t be dissuaded by their pleas on behalf of their dog.

5. Contact Cohen & Marzban Law to protect your rights and help you receive compensation for your medical bills, lost income, and pain and suffering.
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