While you pride yourself as a conscientious driver, not everyone on the road thinks like you. You shouldn’t have to pay for their attitude. Drivers who don’t drive aware are always surprised when they have an accident. If such a driver injures you or others in your vehicle, you need to call a Calabasas Personal Injury Attorney right away. As soon as you have seen to the health and safety of everyone in your care, your attorney will help you piece together the events so you can start putting your life together as soon as possible.

The insurance company representing the other driver will have attorneys contact you in an attempt to settle the case. They know you are most likely not experienced in personal injury cases and will try to dazzle with you a figure that you may calculate will take care of you. An experienced Calabasas Personal Injury Attorney knows that the long-term cost of an injury sustained in an automobile accident can take longer to heal than you think and will assuredly cost more than you imagine.

Just as you are a conscientious driver, the most responsible course of action after an injury caused by an automobile “accident” is to seek counsel from an expert. In this case, the authority on these types of injuries will be a Calabasas Personal Injury Attorney.