The last thing you want to think about when a loved one dies is suing someone for his or her death. We understand that. The grieving process is not something to joke about. That’s why we here at Cohen & Marzban Law Corporation in Calabasas take our work with Wrongful Death cases very seriously.

There are many things that can cause a wrongful death. A death caused by anything from car accidents to medical malpractice can be considered a wrongful death. If a loved one of your was killed because of someone else’s error, you could be entitled to compensation.

We understand that the last thing on your mind is money. That’s why we spend more then enough time getting to know you. We want you to feel comfortable with us so when we represent you in court you feel that we truly have your best interests at heart.

Contacting us about your wrongful death case is the first step towards getting the money you need to cover medical and funeral expenses. We promise to be sensitive to your needs and get you the money the need so you can start the grieving process unburdened by worries about money.