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As a large suburban city, Glendale has its share of opportunities in the city as well as in neighboring communities. It doesn’t matter where you are in Glendale, traffic is always heavy with people coming and going. Car, motorcycle, bus, or truck accidents are common occurrences throughout the city. However, your accident doesn’t feel common at all; it turned your life upside down, leaving you with concerns about your physical and financial future.

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At Personal Injury Attorney Firm Glendale Cohen & Marzban Law Corporation is prepared to handle your concerns regarding any accident you have had that was the result of the negligence of another. You shouldn’t have to pay for other people’s disregard for your safety; behind the wheel, in the doctor’s office, or on any public accessed property. As soon after your injury as possible give us a call and let us help you receive the compensation you deserve. Call today.

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