Any personal injury caused by the neglect of others is a personal tragedy. Automobile accidents may seem more devastating because people depend on their vehicles to live. A serious accident may not only destroy your sole means of transportation but it may also cause you physical harm and mental stress. Through the help of hospitals and doctors, physical injuries may heal. However, it may be even more difficult to recover from mental injuries. Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome is common in victims of serious automobile accidents. Some people never feel comfortable driving again. This can affect their work and their personal life in ways that can’t be measured. An experienced Lancaster Personal Injury Attorney knows the many ways you can be injured by a negligent driver.

Attorneys representing the other driver’s insurance company will be anxious to have you settle right away. They know that mental injuries sometimes take a while to manifest. A good Lancaster Personal Injury Attorney will not only make sure all of your physical injuries will be covered but will make sure you are sound emotionally as well.

You shouldn’t have to worry about getting the proper mental health care necessary after a tragic automobile accident. Your Lancaster Personal Injury Attorney will make sure will covered and compensated for that expense.