Having a loved one die a wrongful death is one of the most challenging ordeals that we, as human beings, can suffer. It hard enough to accept the death of a loved one when it is expected; however, when one of the people love pass away suddenly and because of someone else’s error, it hurts so much we wonder if we’ll be able to move on.

Add to that pain the fact that you now have a funeral to arrange and pay for, medical bills that have been left unpaid, loss of the breadwinner, or the loss of medical insurance, and the suffering seems to triple.

That’s why you should contact one of the wrongful death attorneys at Cohen & Marzban Law Corporation in Palmdale. We have the expertise to get you the settlement you need to pay for the funeral and any other losses you may have incurred, including covering your own pain and suffering.

It’s important that you contact us as soon as possible because there is a very limited time frame for when you can submit a wrongful death claim. And once you miss that deadline, there is nothing we can do to help you.

We handle all of our wrongful death cases with patience and care, listening to you and taking your specific needs into consideration when we prepare your case.