Suffering the sudden loss of a loved one is never easy. With all of the expensive funeral preparations and unpaid medical bills, you can quickly become overwhelmed by grief. Cohen & Marzban Law Corporation in Pasadena is here to help.

If someone in your family has passed away because of someone else’s mistake or error, contact us today to start working your wrongful death case. We will patiently listen to the facts of your case, put together a plan that matches your needs.

In many cases, we have been able to secure awards for funeral costs, medical bills, loss of future earning, loss of benefits, and pain and suffering. Each of these items are things that you would need to pay for out of pocket. We can present your case to the court and win you a settlement that will cover all of those items.

By contacting one of the wrongful death experts at Cohen & Marzban Law Corporation in Pasadena, you are taking the first steps towards healing the pain and suffering that your loved ones death has caused you.