Sherman Oaks Motorcycle Accident Attorney

Bordering Sherman Oaks, Mulholland Drive is a great road for some scenic cruising. The ride would be even better if there wasn’t anyone else clogging up the highway. Unfortunately, motorcycles will always be sharing the road with larger vehicles. No matter how experienced you are as a motorcyclist, accidents will happen. Unobservant drivers, wildlife, and bad road conditions are only some of the potential threats you will face.


We assist you with Motorcycle Accidents

Most accidents involving a motorcycle and another vehicle result in serious injuries for the motorcyclist. Cars and trucks have airbags; motorcycles have whatever clothes you happen to be wearing at the time of the incident. Accidents involving motorcycles are always more severe, you need someone who understands the dynamics of motorcycle accidents and how to protect your rights.


Cohen & Marzban Law Corporation in Sherman Oaks

At Cohen & Marzban Law Corporation, our lawyers are ready to help you with any motorcycle accident. Cohen & Marzban Law Corporation knows how to assess accidents. Based on your injuries and what we know about you, we will understand your needs associated with present and future medical bills. We present your losses in terms of income, future income, and even lost opportunity. We seek the maximum value allowed for your pain and suffering. The law allows us to seek compensation for whatever loss that was a result of your accident, even loss of consortium. (Loss of a relationship with your spouse)

If you’re a rider who has suffered physical injuries, economic loss, or damages because of an accident you need professional assistance. You need to hire an aggressive lawyer from the Cohen & Marzban Law Corporation who specializes in motorcycle injury. You need to spend your time recovering, let us take care of the rest.


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