Truck Accident Attorney Valencia

Trucks carry the lifeblood of our society. Nearly everything we consume arrives by truck. With so many trucks on the road, it is a wonder there aren’t more accidents. However, truck drivers are better trained than most drivers, and the rules governing their passage on our roads are more strict. When an accident does occur, someone failed to follow protocols or the law.

How to handle a truck accident

Truck accidents involving cars are usually quite severe. Injuries are often life-changing. Unlike a car vs. car accident, truck accidents involve multiple responsible parties. From the driver, the owner of the truck, the maintenance company, and even the dispatcher, each has liability for the safe and lawful operation of their truck.

It is important to have an intricate understanding of truck laws and operations to receive just and fair compensation for a truck accident injury. Cohen & Marzban Law Corporation understands how all of the details of truck operations affect your case. They investigate and assign responsibility to any and every party responsible for your injury. Getting them involved as soon as possible is vital to your case.

Securing your future

Sharing the road with big rigs and trucks isn’t “just asking for it.” Truck accidents aren’t inevitable. You shouldn’t have to pay for the rest of your life for the negligence or failure to follow procedure by a trucking company. After we assess the accident and identify all of the responsible parties, we focus on obtaining compensation that takes into consideration all of your losses.

Beyond covering your present and future medical bills, we seek for compensation for your lost income, lost opportunity, lost property, pain and suffering, possible loss of consortium, and when applicable punitive damages. We project into the future to determine how your injury will play out over the years. We anticipate your medical and even emotional needs. When it comes to many severe injuries, no amount of money that is “fair” compensation but that is our current system; and we are good at it.

Give Cohen & Marzban Law Corporation a call as soon after your accident as possible. We can get started on protecting your rights and future today.

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We have the experience

You will want us on your side to fight for a settlement that will take care of your current and future medical bills, lost income, lost property, even pain and suffering. If the other guy is found guilty of gross negligence, we can also fight for punitive damages. Our goal is to provide you with the largest settlement possible; one that will take care of your current needs and provide for your future as well.

Give Cohen & Marzban Law Corporation as soon after your accident as you can. You focus on healing, we will make sure you have what you need and deserve for today and your future.

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