Your daily commute is an adventure in avoiding drivers that may be inexperienced, overconfident, in a hurry, or busy doing something else while driving. If you let these people intimidate you, you might not be able to find the courage to drive to work. However, you are from California; you aren’t going to let a little traffic get you down.

Odds are, you will eventually have a fender bender or two over the years. However, when the negligence level around you exceeds even your ability to avert a serious accident, you may find yourself facing severe injuries, loss of income, lengthy rehab, and even long-term disability. However, you shouldn’t have to bear the consequences of an irresponsible driver on your own.

The experienced automobile accident attorneys at Cohen & Marzban Law Corporation will make sure you receive the compensation you need and deserve to fully recover from your accident and maintain your life, as you have known it. We have recovered over one billion dollars in verdicts and settlements for our clients. We are here for you as well.

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