Los Angeles Brain Injury Attorney

Auto accidents are the number one cause of brain injuries. Other causes include sports injuries, falls, medical malpractice, and even acts of violence. If the brain injury we are discussing is serious, then you are probably the friend or family member of the injured person. The following information will help you make the proper decisions.

If the accident was caused through the negligence of another, securing the compensation you need and deserve is more critical than you know. That is where C and M Law Corporation comes in.

Brain injuries, from severe to catastrophic, will require extensive medical care and often protracted recovery time. As experienced brain injury attorneys we understand the importance of obtaining a settlement that addresses all of the contingencies of the brain injury and the long-term financial needs of the victim and the victim’s family.



Selecting a medical specialist who has experience with your specific brain injury and beginning treatment as soon as possible should be your first priority. There may be surgery involved or possibly the need for an induced coma to let the brain heal.

The second priority is determining the liability and negligence of the other party. Gathering evidence at this early stage is critical since the insurance company involved will aggressively attempt to show their insured client was not responsible. Our experience with the details of brain injury cases, help us counter the claims by the insurance company. We work with medical specialists and if necessary accident reconstruction experts to prove our position.

Our next priority is presenting an insurance claim for an amount that will adequately cover all of the costs for your injury and losses, including pain and suffering. Winning a settlement isn’t our goal. Only the right settlement will do. An insufficient settlement will only delay the financial problems that a brain injury could create for you.


A settlement for your future

A good resolution to your case isn’t just a large number. It is a carefully calculated figure to provide you with a future that is as free of the ramifications of your injury as possible. We work with your doctor and other specialist to determine future medical needs. We also seek for compensation for lost present and future income, lost opportunity and rehabilitation.

If you have suffered a brain injury, call C and M Law Corporation at (310) 880-4555.