Drowning Accidents

A pool, swimming hole, canal, river, or any other body of water seems to carry an implicit invitation to jump right in. The responsibility for maintaining safety around bodies of water, belong to the owners of the land around the water. Obviously, the owner of a private swimming pool is responsible and liable for activities around the pool. Swimming holes, canals, and other bodies of water where surveillance may not be practical may require other measures, such as fences or specific warning signs.

Most often, when a drowning occurs, the disregard for one or two distinct statutes or regulations may to blame. Laws surrounding the proper supervision and warnings around any body of water are so explicitly complete that any drowning should not occur.

An accidental drowning in any public or private swimming pool is usually a case of some form of neglect or distraction. Adults consistently underestimate the ability of a toddler or child to get in over their head. Children and adults should feel confident that someone is monitoring the pool for possible problems unless otherwise posted.

Like any other set of regulations, the statutes involving bodies of water are exhaustingly complete. If you represent anyone who has drowned in a pool or any other body of water, call a drowning accident personal injury attorney today.