There is a very subtle difference between a slip and fall injury and trip and fall injury. The main difference here is a trip is when there is an obstacle in your way that causes you to trip and fall. Specifically, this must be an object that comes up from the ground or a pothole that causes a trip. In order to receive damages for your trip and fall, your must of sustained an injury that required medical attention. So an injury that healed itself without any attention from a medical professional would not be acceptable as a trip and fall case.

There must also be a relationship between the victim and the owner of the property. This could be a customer in a store, someone walking on a sidewalk maintained by a city, or someone visiting a private residence. Each of these relationships qualifies as a trip and fall case.

The danger also needs to be beyond reasonable. Think of it this way: If you told a friend about the fall, would they be shocked by how dangerous it was? If not, then your case probably would not hold up in court.

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