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Cohen & Marzban Law Corporation is interested in the whole person, not just in the legal issues raised by a person’s injuries. The following resources can help answer questions raised by the physical, emotional, and medical ramifications of personal injury for the injured person and his or her caregivers and family members.


Brain Injury Association
(Education and advocacy for victims of brain injury)

American Bar Association
(Legal resource for the general public)

Medical Board of California
(California agency that regulates medical doctors)

National Highway Traffic Safety Administration
(National agency regulates auto safety standards and sponsors safety programs)
(Insurance risk data and crash-test ratings)


Merck Manual
(Source of medical diagnosis and therapy)

National Library of Health
(Over 9 million medical articles for the general public)

Untangling the Web
(Extensive disability-related links and resources)

World’s Wheelchair Culture
(Site for people with spinal cord injuries)

Spinal Cord Injuries
(FAQ on paralysis)

Traumatic Brain Injury Resource Guide
(Information, services and products relating to traumatic brain injury.)

Mikalow’s Brain Injury Get Together
(Resource for sufferers of brain injuries and their caregivers)

Burn Survivors Online
(Resource for burn victims)

Cool The Burn
(Help for children touched by a burn)

Plastic Surgery Directory
(Help for the injured seeking reconstructive or other plastic surgery)

Yuri Rubinsky Insight Foundation
(Resources on impairments)

Family Caregiver Alliance
(Information and support for caregivers)

(Encyclopedia Britannica’s searchable site for answers to almost any health or other question)

Injury Financial
(Do you need a cash advance for your Personal Injury case? Please check with our partner company.)

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