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A construction site is typically full of hazards you wouldn’t encounter in any other workplace. Strict safety regulations mitigate the risk of injuries and deaths. However, statistics show that it remains a high-risk work environment.

About 20 percent of fatalities in the U.S. labor force occur in construction, although construction workers only make up 5 percent of the workforce.

Construction companies are known to often cut corners and bypass safety regulations to save time and money.

Workers and subcontractors are often reluctant to seek fair compensation for injuries sustained, fearing it might cost them their job or deprive them of future job opportunities.

If you have been injured on a construction site, you need an experienced construction accident attorney. One who understands how to navigate the “politics” and can help you to receive the compensation you’re entitled to without ruffling too many feathers. Cohen & Marzban can help!

Construction injuries can be very complicated because many times the person who is injured may feel like they are biting the hand that feeds them or maybe even turning their back on their friends. A good Construction Personal Injury Attorney will know how to help you maneuver through the political mine field of dealing with your employer while being justly compensated for your injuries. By taking action, you may be saving other employees from similar injury.

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