Los Angeles Injuries to Children Lawyer

No personal injury lawsuit is more important than one seeking compensation for serious injuries to a child. Injuries to children can affect their formative years, leaving physical and emotional scars. A lifetime of promise is sometimes snuffed out in an instant because someone had to tweet a quick message while driving, or a dog owner didn’t take time to put their dog on a leash, or a company just had to get a product on the holiday shelves in time without correcting a defect.

When a company ignores possible danger to a child in the manufacture and design of their products, their irresponsibility should be punished. In addition to seeking for a life-time medical plan for a child’s injuries as well as multiple additional costs, we often seek for punitive damages when companies show gross disregard for the safety of children.


Dangers children face

Some of the hazards children face through no fault of their own, or yours for that matter, include:


·      Poorly designed or defective car seats

·      Unsafe or hazardous toys

·      Choking hazards from toys or other products

·      Poorly designed or hazardous cribs or other children’s furniture

·      Children’s medicine

·      Food poisoning

·      Lead poisoning

·      Products that pose strangulation hazards

·      Unsafe playgrounds or children’s rides

·      Dog bites or attacks


If your child is injured or becomes sick, medical help should be your first priority. In the case of injured children, hospitals are required to make a thorough investigation of the cause of the accident or illness. Be sure to be as cooperative as possible so they can determine the exact cause.

Based on the hospital’s diagnosis, document everything you can at the scene of the accident and everything after that.


What next?

Stay at your child’s side. If your child was injured through the negligence of another and you are ready to talk, we will come to you. By this time, you may begin to worry about your child’s future. We can take care of the details of protecting your child’s rights and your financial future while you focus on your child. Nothing is more important than that.

As we piece together the evidence and information of your child’s case, we will be able to determine your child’s long-term needs and the compensation we need to collect.

Give C and M Law Corporation a call as soon as you can after an injury to your child.