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Most of us exercise caution while driving for our own safety and those of others. It’s upsetting that regardless of how careful we are on the road that other drivers often show total disregard for our safety. This is especially the case for driving under the influence (DUI) accidents.

If you or a loved one has been injured in a DUI accident, you might be entitled to compensation.

Cohen & Marzban is one of the top Los Angeles DUI accident attorney firms. We help clients who have been injured in a drunk driving accident to receive the compensation they deserve.

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1)Initial Arrest: Defendants who allegedly drive under the influence of alcohol or drugs are offered the option of taking a filed sobriety test and face arrest on the spot, especially if DUI accidents occur. Once the defendant is arrested, she is taken through a typical judiciary process, which includes booking, arraignment, a hearing and trial.

2)Duty: Personal injury cases brought against a DUI defendant require that the defendant has some form of duty to protect the victim. Typically, a judge must determine whether or not the defendant had a duty to protect the victim, and all drivers on the road, from such an accident.

3)Breach of Duty: The initial arrest and sobriety testing, among other things, will confirm whether or not the defendant breached his duty to the plaintiff.

4)Cause in Fact: The plaintiff must prove the defendant breached his duty to protect the plaintiff from harm. Evidence collected at the scene, such as tire marks, proof of speeding and the placement of each vehicle, can support the plaintiff’s claim that the defendant caused the plaintiff’s injury.

Personal injury cases require a number of elements that prove a defendant’s negligence. Sobriety testing and other evidence weigh heavily in DUI accidents. Once proximate cause, breach of duty and cause in fact — among other things — are proven, the defendant will be held liable for damages.

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