Los Angeles Taxi Cab Accident Lawyer

When you climb into the backseat of a taxi or the car of someone you found on Uber, you are placing your life into the hands of another person. You trust that the driver will see you to your destination, in part because you assume the driver doesn’t want to get into an accident.

Taxies are public transportation licensed by the city in which they operate. Los Angeles recommends that before you get into a taxi in L.A. that you look for the official City of Los Angeles Taxicab Seal. This is important to you as well because it will protect you in the event of an accident. Each taxicab is required to carry insurance that will cover injuries and costs in the event of an accident up to policy limits. This coverage also applies to pedestrians, cyclists, and other drivers hit by the taxi.

If you have been injured in any accident involving a taxi, you should call C and M Law Corporation in order to protect your rights and preserve your ability to receive the compensation you need and deserve for your injuries and losses.

Like any accident, the investigation of the accident will be critical. Taxies are more than a vehicle however; they are a business and all that entails. The sooner we can investigate on your behalf, the easier it will be to show wrong doing or negligence by the cab company.


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Your resolution is more than a potential large number. We recognize it as your future. Inadequate settlements that don’t account for all of your present and future costs and losses isn’t a proper settlement. We fight for the verdict you need and deserve. Give C and M Law Corporation a call for a free initial consultation today.